Mapping of epileptogenic circuits

EpilepsySurgeryEpilepsy is a frequent neurological disorder characterised by paroxistic brain activity. 30% of patients are drug-resistant and resective surgery can be a good indication where seizures originate in focal regions that are operable (outside the eloquent cortex). In a minority part of those patients, it can be useful to use intracranial electrodes in order to identify more precisely the epileptic focus that need to be removed, while preserving function regions.

Our research program is focused on signal processing of intracranial data in order to identify pathophysiological markers of epileptogenic processes. In particular, we developed a new kind of neuroimaging of high frequency oscillations that are supposed to be premarily generated by the seizure onset zone.

Reference: David O, Blauwblomme T, Job AS, Chabard├Ęs S, Hoffmann D, Minotti L, Kahane P. Imaging the seizure onset zone with stereo-electroencephalography. Brain. 2011 Oct;134(Pt 10):2898-911.